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  3. No Form

    13th Note


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    Yesterday I returned from the first band tour I’ve ever done and I’ve come to the easy conclusion of it being a far more in depth and real musical experience for me and no doubt my friends who were on the tour also.
    Never had I experienced being in a van going to different places everyday to play shows, skateboard and generally explore. This is backed up majorly by doing it with my closest friends. The parks we hit were a blast, the Scottish Skate parks were mind blowing providing some of the best skates I’ve had in years. The venues were awesome to play, much to my surprise the turn outs at some of these shows, most of all London but that was one of the best dates of the trip and it was only the first. Ending on meeting up with our friends Black Cop in Scotland sealed the deal for the last two dates, amazing band and amazing dudes, to say my band happened to be put on a show with those guys and to have the relationship we have with them now due to that, I’m truly grateful. Hardcore Punk has been good to us. 
    Major experience, I feel I’ve taken a lot from. 
    Reducing the element that is just musical entertainment into something far more intimate for both sides of the performance. 

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    This one’s for Mike Brown and St. Louis

    Where No Flowers Grow 

    My streets are filled with violent tales
    a man stomped in with face all torn up
    a dead kitten on the sidewalk
    where all the children on the block stalk
    my streets are streets where violence prevails
    alleys where the kids shoot up
    there’s desolation on the streets I walk
    don’t hear the neighbors on their stoops talk
    you see too much and your dreams are haunted
    try it your way in the streets you’re taunted
    and I don’t mean to be
    walkin round this lonely block no more

    Who do you turn to?
    Where do you go?
    not into that cold cold night where no flowers grow
    What do you want kid?
    What do you know?
    Don’t turn to that cold cold night where your blood will flow

    Some men could stand for second best
    and some men won’t care
    some men could stand to be obsessed
    and some men want air
    ten men would speak the same
    and three others won’t
    ten men would live in vain and yeah
    three others don’t

    In bed I hear the shots ring out
    across our raw polluted town
    I’ve thought about it and I’ve got no doubts
    that its the city gettin me down
    see the bloodstains on the sidewalk
    and watch the roaches climb my walls
    and over in the kitchen
    faucet’s leakin waterfalls

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    no form

    temple of boom, leeds. 24/5/14.


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    Your Funeral - I Want To Be You

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  9. Hired Goons - Demo 2013 PT II

  10. Jackie Onassis - On The Beach